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Away with Geese Water Unit, #GCD AWGWATER002

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Water Unit
Price: $541.99
2 in stock
Item Number: JN1001077
Manufacturer: Away with Geese
Manufacturer Part No: GCD AWGWATER002
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Environmentally Safe, Low Maintenance

The success of the product is based around a simple concept. At night, geese sleep in or near water areas where they feel secure from their predators (dogs, fox and coyotes). Placing an AwayWithGeese unit into the secure areas simulates the eye reflection of these predators and disrupts the geeses ability to sleep. The geese no longer consider the area safe and will simply move to another suitable area within a few days.

Geese are also lazy. They tend to stay close to their secure areas during daylight hours in order to minimize the distance they travel each day. AwayWithGeese is powerful enough to coax the geese into finding a different nighttime home far enough away to discourage daily commutes back to your lawn.

The unit automatically operates at night and produces an amber 360 degree beam of light directed at goose eye-level, then recharges itself during the day.

The light is unobtrusive to people. In fact, when seen at night, it provides a sense of satisfaction to human observers as it continues its vigil to encourage the geese to move on along with their mess.

AwayWithGeese is available in land, water, sports field and rooftop configurations to help you get rid of geese depending on the type of habitat your property offers. All models feature:

1. Solar powered no changing batteries or running electricity to the site
2. Maintenance free
3. Environmentally Safe and Effective Goose Control
4. Barely noticeable the human eye
5. Solves Geese Problems quickly
6. Covers 3.5 Acres
7. Light emits in all directions at once

Water-based Unit The Water Unit has been designed to rid ponds and lakes of unwanted geese. The unit floats in the water and is tethered to a weight or anchor that you supply. Geese normally return to the water at night to sleep because it is safe from predators. The units flashing light alters the geeses sleep patterns which causes them to move to another pond.

1. The product floats in the water and works at night, 7 days a week
2. Effective goose deterrent works by altering sleep patterns causing them to move to another pond.
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