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Trewax All Natural Veggie Wash 16 fluid ounces

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Trewax All Natural Veggie Wash 16 fluid ounces
Price: $6.49
5 in stock
Item Number: JN1081636
Manufacturer Part No: 654912947
Trewax All Natural Veggie Wash 16 fluid ounces

Veggie Wash is the all-natural way to remove waxes, soil, and agricultural chemicals from produce. Because Veggie Wash contains only food-derived ingredients and is never tested on animals, you can enjoy the freshest-tasting fruits and vegetables, along with the peace of mind that comes with using environmentally safe products. In addition, Veggie Wash is proudly made in the USA with non-GMO ingredients.

Modern produce is kept healthy, bountiful and fresh by a varietyof agricultural chemicals and waxes. If not properly removed, however, thesechemicals can create both known and unknown health risks to consumers. Even organic produce has been shown to carry some chemical residue. In addition to agriculturalsubstances, your produce can carry the ‘fingerprints’ of 20 or more people who may have handled it between the field or orchard and your table. Veggie Wash safely and effectively removes wax, chemicals,‘fingerprints’ and soil – leaving behind only fresh, delicious produce and the peace of mind that comes with feeding your family the very best.

Veggie Wash is designed for use on nearly all types of produce, including firm items such as apples and carrots, and softer items like leafy greens, grapes, and broccoli. Mushrooms are not recommended for use with Veggie Wash. Mushrooms will absorb Veggie Wash due to their porous skins, and may taste bitter or lemony after washing. It is still safe to eat them after cleaning them with Veggie Wash, but the taste may be affected. Strawberries, which also have fairly porous skins, should be washed by adding 2 oz of Veggie Wash to a half sink of water, agitated for 30 seconds, then rinsed thoroughly.

Features of All-Natural Veggie Wash:
-Veggie Wash does not contain gluten, diethanolamine (DEA) or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).
-There is no expiration date on Veggie Wash. It contains grapefruit seed extract, a natural preservative; and lasts at full potency for approximately 2 years after purchase.
- Veggie Wash is made from ingredients naturally derived from corn, coconut, lemon and grapefruit seed extract. It contains no harsh chemicals.
-Veggie Wash does not add calories, fat, or nutrients to your food.
-Neither the natural aging of produce nor the residue of Veggie Wash is harmful. It may affect the taste of your food if not rinsed properly, but it will not hurt you.

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