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Tap My Trees Starter Kit with Aluminum Bucket, #220

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Price: $129.99
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Item Number: JN1080697
Manufacturer: Tap My Trees
Manufacturer Part No: 220
Tap My Trees Maple Syrup Starter Kit with 2 Gallon Aluminum Sap Bucket

The Tap My Trees Starter Kit has everything you need - all in one box! There are enough supplies to successfully tap 3 Sugar Maple Trees.
The Maple Syrup Starter kit includes:
3 each 2 gallon Aluminum Sap Buckets, 3 each Aluminum Sap Bucket Lids, 3 each Stainless Steel Spiles, 3 each Hooks: Spile with Hook: Stainless steel spile (tap) is inserted into drilled hole to transfer sap into the bucket. Hook is used to hold the bucket., Drill Bit: 7/16 drill bit with 3/8 shank used to drill tap hole into your maple tree., 1 each Maple Sugaring at Home book: This guide provides step-by-step instructions (complete with pictures) to tap maple trees. Includes information on how to identify maple trees, how to tap trees, collection and storage of sap, uses for maple sap including how to make maple syrup, and frequently asked questions. and Cheesecloth: Used to filter any solids (such as pieces of bark) when transferring sap from the collection bucket to a storage container.

If you have been interested in learning more about collecting Maple Sap or Maple Syrup as a hobby or educational project, this starter kit is ideal for you. Put together by the folks at Tap My Trees, they made sure that you need everything you need to start this fun new activity with the right tools and the right information.

Collecting maple sap is a green, environmentally sustainable process that can be enjoyed by anyone with a healthy, mature maple tree.

All Tap My Trees products designed for Maple Syrup production can also be used to make syrup from Birch, Sycamore, and Walnut trees.

The process of tapping maple trees, collecting the sap, and making maple syrup (one of the many uses of maple sap) is actually quite simple. It does, however, take some time and a willingness to get outdoors and experience this miracle of nature (literally tapping into Mother Nature).

Preparation (Summer & Fall)

-Identify your maple trees
-Obtain the equipment needed to tap trees

Tapping Trees (Winter - February - March)
-When to tap maple trees
-Select maple trees to tap
-Clean equipment
-Gather equipment
-Tap the tree
-Hang the bucket and attach lid

Collect Sap & Make Syrup (February - March - April)
-Transfer sap from buckets to storage containers
-Storing your sap
-Process sap into maple syrup and other uses
-When to stop collecting saps

Cleanup (Spring)

-Remove spiles (taps), buckets, and lids from trees
-Clean equipment
-Store equipment for next year

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All Tap My Trees products designed for Maple Syrup production can also be used to make syrup from Birch, Sycamore, and Walnut trees.
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