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green, safe, septic or cess pool chemical
green, safe, septic or cess pool chemical
Price: From $8.99 to $49.99
Manufacturer Part No: Septonic

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Septonic Septic Treatment
We offer Septonic in three package sizes: 4 Treatment Pack, 12 Treatment Pack, and Bulk 3 Pound Jars

SEPTONIC is able to effectively help keep your local environment clean and safe for your family and others around you.

Every time you use a treatment you re-new bacteria by 20 billion, dissolve solids, greases, and eliminate odours. A very important fact is that this action goes on in the entire drain field as well as the tank itself. When a tank is having trouble and needs to be pumped or cleaned out in some manner, start with one package and the trouble will be corrected. In fact, the first treatment in most cases will stop the backing up. After using four treatments in four consecutive weeks, the solids will be substantially reduced. "Septonic" is different! The main ingredients are enzymes taken from the digestive tract of beef or hogs. One enzyme splits fat, one starch, one protein, etc. The combination of these enzymes along with the rest of the formula in "Septonic" is what helps the septic tank to work the way it should, only much faster. When starch, proteins and fats are split by the enzymes, they are more susceptible to attack by bacteria and more water soluble. That is why we are able to reduce the solids in a four-week period.

"Septonic" contains no caustic of any kind. It is absolutely guaranteed not to hurt the plumbing in any way, shape or form. It will not hurt your hands, it does not burn, it does not generate heat, and it does not cause fumes, it helps speed up the digestion in the septic tank. In sink drains that have been stopped up with grease, simply empty the contents of one envelope (one treatment into the drain, adding just a small amount of water, half to a full cup, and let sit overnight.) "Septonic" will split the grease so that in the morning the drain will just flush out. This will eliminate using a caustic solution, that could do damage to your plumbing.

When "Septonic" has been used to clean out a drain, it will be flushed down into the septic tank or cesspool and continue to work. It therefore serves both purposes, cleans the drain, and takes care of the septic tank or cesspool. After using one treatment per week over four consecutive weeks, the tank will usually begin to function properly, and it will then only be necessary to add one treatment per month to keep it that way. In other words, "Septonic" will eliminate the necessity of expensive pumping and cleaning out of the tank, simply by adding one treatment per month after the tank is in good working condition. The drainage from a tank so treated will be free of solids and without odour.

Septonic's 3 pound bulk jar is approximately 45 treatments, and includes a scoop.

Septonic is currently in stock and ready to ship today from Jack's Country Store. If you need to reference the MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet, please click here.
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