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Few folks could have imagined that a polycarbonate sphere about the size of a tennis ball would change the way people work out and recover from injuries forever. But that's exactly what happened with the incredible popularity of the patented Dynaflex Gyro. As a result, Dynaflex has gone on to established itself as a leader and innovator of fitness products.

Whether you're a weekend athlete—or simply want to improve the way you look and feel—the Dynaflex lineup of exercise gyros represent the fitness breakthrough you've been looking for! So small they go anywhere, yet so powerful, you'll SEE and FEEL tremendous results in just minutes a day!

Gyroscopic Fitness!
You've got to experience the gyroscopic effect of your Dynaflex gyro to believe it! Just get it going, and let your gyro do the rest. Spin it left-handed… right-handed… clockwise… counter clockwise… There's no right or wrong way to use your Dynaflex gyro… just pick it up, have fun… and start realizing fitness benefits that you never thought possible from such a small, hand-held fitness wonder.

And talk about great conversation starters. The COOL-FACTOR these beautifully engineered Dynaflex spheres is OFF THE CHARTS! Don't believe us? Just use a Dynaflex gyro at a party… or around your family and friends, and watch what happens. You get fit and have FUN with our patented lineup of Dynaflex Gyros!

Progress at your own pace! When we say that you will FEEL and SEE the Dynaflex difference after just a few minutes of use, it's a fact! That's because these amazing fitness devices generate remarkable dynamic resistance—up to 40 pounds of dynamic resistance depending on the Dynaflex model you choose. You'll quickly FEEL the toning and strengthening begin in your forearms, biceps, shoulders, wrists and hands. You'll start performing better in your favorite sport. And you'll even look better in your favorite sleeveless top.

Best of all, since the dynamic resistance generated by Dynaflex is controlled by the user, you workout and progress at your own pace!

Hundreds of chiropractors & physicians can't be wrong! Hundreds of chiropractors and physical therapists across the country have chosen Dynaflex gyros for the gentle rehabilitation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Arthritis, Tendonitis, Golfers and Tennis Elbow. Its silky smooth, non-impact workout makes it the perfect strengthening, conditioning, relaxation and recovery tool.

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Price: $299.99
At the top of the Dynaflex Gyroscopic "food chain" is the DynaMax Core Trainer 2!
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