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Breyer Horses Corral Pals Prezwalkski Stallion #88602

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Wild horse, feral, primitive model horse
Price: $8.99
5 in stock
Item Number: JN1082964
Manufacturer: Breyer Horses
Manufacturer Part No: 88602
Normally Ships in 1-2 days
Breyer Horses Corral Pals Prezwalkski Stallion #88602
Primitive Dun (Buckskin, Dun)

CollectA's Przewalski Stallion is so lifelike, you can almost hear the beat of its hooves. The hooves of the Przewalski's horse are longer in the back and have significantly thicker sole horn than feral horses. This is beneficial as it improves the performance of the hooves.
This collectible, realistic stallion model measures 6.3''L x 3.5''H .

Breyer Corral Pals by CollectA are a new line for Breyer Model Horses. Breyer is thrilled to introduce Corral Pals, a new line of horses, dogs, cats and farm animals for play and collecting. These adorable, authentic miniatures have been sculpted by experts to achieve the most realistic look possible, and are individually hand crafted in vinyl and hand-painted! Safe, virtually unbreakable and so real they almost walk, trot and canter off the page!

The Corral Pals Horse Collection is sculpted by noted equine sculptor Deborah McDermott. Deborah is noted for being able to accurately capture the anatomy and breed characteristics of every horse that she sculpts. Her happy model horses are full of expression and life!

Breyer's Corral Pals are safe for children ages 3 and older. Scale is 1:18. Designed for endless hours of play.
All CollectA models are crafted to the highest standards and made with high quality, safe, phthalate-free, lead-free materials.

Jack's Country Store is a Blue Ribbon Level Breyer Model Horse dealer. We have been stocking Breyer models since 1994. All of our Breyer Models and Accessories are sold brand new, in original, un-opened packages.

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