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Breyer Horses CollectA Prehistoric Life Authentic Tarbosaurus Toy Dinosaur Figure #88340

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Its name means Terrible, or Alarming Lizard.
Price: $7.49
2 in stock
Item Number: JN1084265
Manufacturer: Breyer Horses
Manufacturer Part No: 88340
CollectAPrehistoric Life Authentic Tarbosaurus Toy Dinosaur Figure #88340

CollectA's replica of the Tarbosaurus is lifelike down to its bumpy hide and the bony ridge on its snout. First discovered in the Asia's Gobi Desert, the fossil remains of Tarbosaurus resembled those of the Tyrannosaurus, which has been found only in North America. Further study has indicated that the two carnivorous dinosaurs are not part of the same genus. The Tarbosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous Period, 70 - 65 million years ago. It grew to be approximately 40 feet in length and could weigh as much as 5 tons.This beautifully sculpted, collectible figure from our Prehistoric Life Collection measures 6.5''L x 2.8''H.Each figure in our Prehistoric Life Collection has been approved by archeologist Anthony Beeson, a well-respected expert in paleoimagery. All CollectA models are individually hand crafted to the highest standards and made with the finest and safest phthalate-free, lead-free materials. Create a natural world in miniature with high quality toy replicas from CollectA. Our mission is to educate collectors and to provide the greatest opportunity for creative play.

Collect A line of toys and figurines are safe for children ages 3 and older. Designed for endless hours of play.All CollectA models are crafted to the highest standards and made with high quality, safe, phthalate-free, lead-free materials. Imported.

PALEONTOLOGIST APPROVED: Working with experts from across the globe, Collecta hand-painted figurines are all factually accurate and paleontologist-approved, so little ones get to learn while they play.AUTHENTICITY: Each prehistoric sculpture has been approved by Anthony Beeson, a well respected expert in palaeoimagery who is also an art librarian, archaeologist and collector, based in the city of Bristol, England.

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