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Aladdin Lamps MaxBrite 502 Brass Heel-less Burner #502-201-812

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Non-electric kerosene lamp burner with round wick and mantle
Non-electric kerosene lamp burner with round wick and mantle
Price: $109.95
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Item Number: JN1081796
Manufacturer: Aladdin Kerosene Mantle Lamps
Manufacturer Part No: N502B or #100031606
Aladdin Lamps MaxBrite 502 Brass Heel-less Burner #N502B or #100031606

Simply put, the new MaxBrite 502 Kerosene Mantle Lamp burner from Aladdin Lamps is the most efficient and brightest burner created by Aladdin. Using the knowledge gained over the last 100 years of producing bright, white light from the unique mantle and round wick burners, paired with precise tooling and engineering available today, Aladdin Kerosene Mantle Lamp Company has created the MaxBrite 502.

The New Aladdin MAXbrite Model 502 burner was introduced in August/September 2015. The Aladdin side draft burner is a time-tested burner design that is over 80 years old. The burner design changes have been incremental since the Model 21 was introduced in 1953.

The Aladdin MAXbrite Model 502 is a refinement of and replacement to the most recent Aladdin Model 23 side draft burner. The goal was to maximize light output. Changes were made to eliminate random air leaks that have troubled Model 23 production since the Model 23 England burner was discontinued. Those air leaks caused troublesome spikes in the flame. The MAXbrite Model 500 burner eliminates those spikes which kept mantles from being used at full brightness.

The Aladdin MAXbrite Model 502 burner is matched with a new redesigned MAXbrite chimney which modifies the airflow around the chimney base to further increase the mantles light output.

Improved Knob! Aladdin MAXbrite 500 uses a larger diameter made from a special alloy called ZAMAC (Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium and Copper). This alloy is not as heat conductive as brass so the knob stays cooler to the touch. The larger diameter makes wick adjustment much easier.

Smooth Wick Adjustment! The Aladdin MAXbrite Model 500 burner uses a re-engineered Wick Raiser (N233) that moves the wick smoothly. Finite adjustments in the wick height are now possible. The wick raiser is backwards compatible with the Model 23 and Model 21 burners. The MAXbrite uses the same English-made Wick (N230) as the Aladdin Model 23.

The wick adjustment shaft was shortened to make wick replacement easier. The gear is less likely to tangle with the wick when it is replaced.

The bushing in the side of the MAXbrite burner base that holds the wick adjustment shaft is attached without deforming the side of the burner basket. The Model 23 burners are often seen with a dent around the bushing where too much pressure was applied from the outside to install the bushing.

Precise Fit! Close examination shows that some of the corners in the burner where parts come together are tighter or sharper on the Aladdin MAXbrite 500 than on the Model 23. The MAXbrite is made with all new tooling.

Improved Air Flow! Throughout the Aladdin MAXbrite Model 500 burner there are improvements designed to provide metered air supply when needed to eliminate leaks that reduce performance. The result? Improved combustion and brilliant light!

The gallery appears identical to the Heel-less Gallery (N239AB Brass & N239AN Shiny Nickel) used on the Aladdin Model 23A burner. Internal clearances on the new gallery were changed to improve air flow to the mantle. The new gallery is not fully backwards compatible due to the variations in diameter on the Model 23 burners.

The flame spreader (100005200) used on the Aladdin MAXbrite 500 burner is slightly larger in diameter than the flame spreader (N106) used on the old Aladdin Model 23 burners. This results in an improved seal and fewer air leaks. An easy way to tell the difference between the two nearly identical parts is that the new MAXbrite flame spreader has one notch on the base while the N106 has two notches on the base. The new MAXbrite flame spreader seldom fits the Aladdin Model 23 burner.

The new MAXbrite Model 500 outer wick tube has many changes to provide improved air flow.

The attachment sleeve connecting the outer wick tube to the air diffuser on the Model 23 burner is 0.25 long and held in place by six evenly spaced dimples. The attachment sleeve on the MAXbrite Model 500 is 0.37 long and attached with four equally spaced dimples. The outer wick tubes can be interchanged about half the time, due to variations in the Model 23 burner basket.

From the bottom, the Aladdin MAXbrite burner base now has four drain holes in the base of the burner to keep excess kerosene from puddling inside the burner.

The threads on this burner will work with fonts (bases) of Aladdin lamps made from 1955-present. Glass or Metal bases without central air tubes.

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