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         Baby Yellow                            Medium Yellow                       Red
         Big yellow kernel taste, but without   No doubt one of the best yellow     Very few fl aky hulls, pops fl uff y and
         the hulls    JN1021959   $4.99         popcorns you will have!             meaty white every time.
                                                JN1021965       $4.99               JN1021968     $4.99
         Baby White
         One of the smallest and most tender    Purple                              Rainbow
         popcorns.     JN1021957  $4.99         Th is variety may be in short supply.   Red, Yellow, Purple, and Blue kernels.
                                                Sweet & nutty.                      JN1021967      $4.99
         Blue                                   JN1021966       $4.99
         It has its own fl avor,  a little sweeter, and                              Rainbow Lady Finger
         not a lot of hulls. JN1021956    $4.99  Lady Finger                        Our tender Lady Finger with colorful
                                                If you like small, hulless, tender   stripes.
         Midnight Blue                          popcorn, you will love this one!        JN1021969  $5.99
         A hard to fi nd, deep blue popcorn.      JN1021961    $4.99
         JN1021962     $5.99                                                        Mushroom Popcorn
                                                Medium White                        Pops into an unique mushroom
         Caramel-Type, Extra Large Yellow       Th e fi nest white popcorn available.    shaped popcorn!
         If you like large, fl uff y popcorn, this   JN1021964     $4.99              JN1021963     $5.99
         one’s for you!         JN1021960   $4.99

         Tender Pop Oils                         Seasonings & Toppings         Popcorn Seasonings
         For a tender tasty pop every time.   Th  e perfect topping for your perfect,  Not just for popcorn, you can add a shake or
         16 fl . oz - easy squeeze plastic bottle.  steamy bowl of popcorn.     two of seasoning to veggies, fries, mashed
                                                 Ball Park Salt 4.5oz          potatoes, and more! 5.50 ounce bottle.
         JN1021974  Canola Oil          $6.99                                  $4.99 Each
         JN1021970 Coconut Oil         $6.99     Ball Park style popcorn salt,  JN1021976   Ranch
         JN1021971 Peanut Oil           $6.99    just like you had as a kid.   JN1021979  White Cheddar
         JN1021972 Buttery Topping   $6.99       JN1021955     $2.99           JN1080039  Cheddar Cheese
                                                 Fine White Popcorn Salt       JN1021977    Sour Cream & Onion
                                                 Th e fi nest white salt to season
                                                 your popcorn. 4.5oz.       Johnny’s Popcorn Salt
                                                 JN1021954     $2.99
                                                                            Brings out that real old
                                                                            fashioned popcorn fl avor.
                                                                            Add a small amount to oil
                                                                            before popping for great
                                                                            popcorn every time.
                                                                            4 3/4 ounce bottle.
                                                                            JN1081609     $2.99

         Microwave Popcorn Popper                                           Old Time Hand Crank
         Satisfy your craving for crunch with a                             Popcorn Popper
         healthy alternative to bagged popcorn.                             For use with or without oil.
         Microwave popcorn is quick and can be                              4 quart capacity. Durable
         made with or without oil. Th is popper                             crank gears. Aluminum
         really works! BPA Free Plastic. American                           construction. Imported.
         Made.         JN1081002     $12.99                                 JN1011929     $29.99                 9
                                                Call toll free 888-665-4989
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