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Gourmet Grocery                               Jack’s Premium Tuna
                                                        Albacore tuna is the only tuna that can be labeled “white meat.” Th e Pacifi c
                                                        Northwest troll fl eet brings us fi sh with higher Omega-3 oils. White albacore
                                                        tuna that is caught in the Pacifi c Ocean off  the coasts of Oregon and Washington
                                                        i is widely acclaimed as the fi nest tuna in the world. It also has been determined
                                                        to have very low levels of mercury. We take great pride in off ering this fi ne local
                                                        product. Does not contain any added water or oil.  6.5 - 7.5 ounce cans.
                                                        Premium White Albacore Tuna, Smoked, 6.5 ounce cans
                                                        P P
                                                        J             $9.99 ea.    JN1027761 $229.99/case of 24
                                                        P P
                                                        Premium White Albacore Tuna, Lightly Salted, 7.5 ounce cans
                                                        J J J         $9.99 ea.    JN1027763 $229.99/case of 24
                                                        Premium White Albacore Tuna, No Salt Added, 7.5 ounce cans
                                                        J             $9.99 ea.    JN1027769 $229.99/case of 24
                                                        Premium White Albacore Tuna, Jalapeno, 7.5 ounce cans
                                                        P P P
                                                        JN1009409     $6.99 ea.    JN1027765 $136.99/case of 24
                                 Pride of the West      Premium White Albacore Tuna, Garlic, 7.5 ounce cans
                                 All Purpose Batter Mix  JN1009410    $9.99 ea.    JN1027767 $229.99/case of 24
                                 Easy to use, adds great fl avor to
                                 any meat or veggie.  A favorite          Ekone Smoked Oysters
                                 among our customers!
                                 16 ounce bag.                            Harvested fresh from Willapa Bay, then
                                                                          smoked in small, artisan batches with Maple
                                 JN1035123     $4.99
                                                                          wood chips. All natural ingredients,
                                                                          no preservatives. 3 ounce can.
                                                                          JN1005827     Original      $5.99
                                                                          JN1005825     Habanero      $5.99
                                                                          JN1005828     Teriyaki      $5.99
                                                                          JN1005826     Lemon Pepper  $5.99
                                                                            Werner Gourmet Beef Sticks
       Werner’s Summer Sausage                                              Fresh from Tillamook, Oregon Werner Meat
       Werner’s All Beef Summer Sausage is a classic fl avored sausage, with   Snacks are premium quality snacks at an
       just the right amount of seasoning. Great for snacking. 10 ounce.    aff ordable price. Th  e beef sticks are a full
       JN1081519      $4.99                                                 12” long, and come 20 sticks per pack. Slow
                                                                            smoked to perfection over natural wood.
                        Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple Syrup                     JN1081040   Classic Beef       $15.49
                        Grade A, dark amber American maple syrup            JN1081036   Teriyaki Beef      $15.49
                        aged in empty whiskey barrels to absorb deli-       JN1081037   Pepperoni Beef  $15.49
                        cious fl avors of vanilla, caramel, wood spice,      JN1081038   Hot Pepperoni   $15.49
                        and a hint of whiskey! 8.5 ounces.                  JN1081039   Pepper Beef       $15.49
                        JN1084093     $19.99                                JN1081041   Chipotle Beef     $15.49
                       Gourmet Chocolate Pacifi c Salmon
                       Solid 12 ounces of gourmet chocolate in a fun
                       Salmon shape! Gift  Boxed. Made by award
                       winning Dilettante Chocolates of Seattle.
                       Milk Chocolate       JN1082941     $16.99
                       Dark Chocolate       JN1082939     $16.99

                                                       Premium Virginia Grown Peanuts
                                                       Grown and roasted in rural  Virginia, these high quality peanuts are
                                                       a true treat. Super meaty, crisp and crunchy, amazing fl avors. Freshly
                                                       harvested USA grown peanuts are roasted by hand in small batches.
                                                       12 ounce cans.
                                                       JN1083977     Lightly Salted  $5.99
                                                       JN1083976     Salt & Pepper  $5.99
                                                       JN1083978     Jalapeno Pepper $5.99
                                                       JN1083975     Dill Pickle    $5.99
                                                                     Honey Roasted
       8                                        Call toll free 888-665-4989         $6.29
                                                                     Caramel Apple
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