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                                                              Our premium fruit and berry preserves are made in
                                                              small batches, locking in the juicy fl avors of sun-rip-
                                                              ened berries. Each 13 ounce jar contains pure berries
                                                              (jams) or juice (jellies), sugar, and natural fruit pectin.
          Pacifi c Northwest Favorite Jams                     Local and wild harvested berries are used whenever

          Wild Blackberry      JN1009437                      possible for the best fl avor. No artifi cial colors or
          Oregon Blueberry     JN1009421                      preservatives. 13 ounce jars.  $5.99
          Boysenberry          JN1009445
          Oregon Cherry        JN1009447
          Huckleberry          JN1009439                                                    each
          Loganberry           JN1080025                           No Sugar Added Spreads
          Marionberry          JN1009441                          Th  ese spreads are unsweetened, and are tart. Add
          Yellow Raspberry     JN1009440                          whichever sweetener you like: honey, artifi cial or
                                                                  just a sprinkle of sugar.  13 ounce jars.
          Specialty Flavors - 12 ounce jars                                              JN1009431
                      Cranberry            JN1009460                                     Huckleberry
                      Gooseberry-Apricot   JN1009462                                     JN1009432
                      Orange Marmalade     JN1009419                                     Red Raspberry
                      Cranberry Marmalade   JN1009446                                    JN1009429
          Rare Berry Variety Jams                                                        Tripleberry
                                                                                         Blueberry, Raspberry, &
                 Kiowaberry                                                              Marionberry
                 Relatively new variety of large blackberry, the
                 Kiowa berry is a bit sweeter that the traditional
                 Blackberry.                                                 Best Selling Jelly
                 Siskiyouberry                                All natural ingredients, using fruit juices instead
                                                              of berries. No seeds! 13 ounce jars
                 A native to the Pacifi c Northwest, Siskiyou is                                 Blackberry
                 a small trailing but sweet berry, a cousin to                                  JN1009438
                 wild blackberries.                                                             Black Currant
                 JN1009426                                                                      JN1009413
                 Nectarberry                                                                    Marionberry
                 Deep, dark purple Oregon Nectarberries are used                                JN1009418
                 to make this delicious jam. Distinct tangy but rich
                 fl avor. Made from soft  berries too fragile to sell                            Pomegranate
                 fresh. A hybrid of Raspberry, Blackberry, and                                  JN1009443
                 Oregon Gooseberry
                 Th  ey are green, seedy, and very tart. Probably best
                 known as a pie ingredient, gooseberries in jam are
                 uncommon but wonderful.
                 Rare Beachberry
                 Also known as a Tayberry, it is a very juicy cross
                 between a blackberry and a raspberry.                     Spicy Pepper Jelly
                 Simply spectacular.                                       Red and green peppers suspended in a nippy
                 JN1009435                                                 jelly. Looks pretty, but it’s even better when
                                                                           you taste it. Great on ribs or serve with cream
                                                                           cheese and crackers.
                                                                           JN1009423                            7
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