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Grocery                                                           Classic Ovaltine

                                                                                     A healthy kid is a happy kid. And Oval-
                                                                                     tine makes nutrition easy by providing
                              Borden’s None Such Mincemeat                           12 essential vitamins and minerals
                              Since 1885, None Such® has been                        with no artifi cial fl avors or sweeteners.
                              making occasions special with its rich                 Beyond milk, rich chocolate Ovaltine
                              desserts. Of course there’s grandma’s                  makes a great addition to
                              mincemeat pie which has become a                       smoothies, baked goods or sprinkled
                              family tradition around the holidays.                  over ice cream for a chocolatey
                              But don’t forget that None Such®                       dessert! 12 ounce bottle. Powdered.
                              products can also help you make every day              Rich Chocolate   JN1036040     $4.99
                              special with mouth-watering breads,                    Chocolate Malt   JN1036041     $4.99
                              muffi  ns, cookies and more!
                              27 ounce jar.
                              Original       JN1036042     $8.99
                              Rum & Brandy   JN1036043     $899

                                 Borden’s Original                              Carnation Malted Milk
                                 Condensed Mincemeat                            You can use Malted Milk for more than just
                                 Add water to reconstitute. Makes               milkshakes. How about Malted Milk
                                                                                Chocolate Cupcakes or Malted Vanilla
                                 2 cups of fi lling, enough for one 8”           Pudding? 13 ounce bottle. Powdered.
                                 pie. 9 ounce box.                              JN1036039     $3.99
                                 JN1057477     $5.99

           Lowrey’s Microwave Pork Rinds
           Th  e Lowrey’s Original Bacon Curls make the perfect low-carb
           snack. Not only are the bacon curls delicious, they are high in
           protein, and contain 60-percent less fat than fried pork rinds.
           To make, simply put the bacon curls in the microwave for 1 to
           2 minutes and then enjoy. Eat them right from the bag or with
           your favorite hot sauce, dip, salsa or barbecue sauce.
           Original, 3 Pack      JN1083973     $2.99
           Hot & Spicy, 3 Pack    JN1083974    $2.99

                                                              Homebrew Soda Extacts
                                                              Each 2 ounce bottle of extract makes 4 gallons of soda when
                                                              mixed with soda water.  You can also make syrups, popsicles,
                                                              and fl avored coff ees! Naturally free of caff eine, sugar, and
                                                              $5.99 each
                                                              Birch Root Beer      JN1035241
                                                              Cherry               JN1035242
                                                              Cola                 JN1035243
                              Postum                          Cream                JN1035244
                              The Classic You Remember!       Egg Nog              JN1035245
                              First introduced in 1895 by Post,   Lemon Lime       JN1035248
                              Postum is an all natural beverage you   Orange       JN1035249
                              can feel good about. Caff eine free,   Passion Fruit  JN1035250
                              non-GMO ingredients, 100% all   Raspberry            JN1035251
                              natural and organic, certifi ed Kosher   Root Beer    JN1035252
                              and Vegan certifi ed.            Sarsaparilla         JN1035253
                                                              Spruce Beer          JN1035254
                              Original            JN1082958 $16.99  Spruce Essence    JN1035255
                              Coff ee Flavor  JN1082959 $16.99
       6                      Cocoa Flavor  JN1083490  $16.99

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