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        Mini Chick O Sticks
        Chick-O-Stick is the classic All-  Swedish Fish
        American candy with crunchy roasted   Swedish fi sh bring back a wonderful nostalgia
        peanut butter and fl aky toasted   for years gone by. An old-fashioned candy
        coconut rolled up into one delicious   favorite whose popularity has endured
        piece of sweet heaven. 1 pound bag.  throughout the years. 1 pound bag.  Wax Bottles (Nik L Nips)
        JN1081015     $6.99               Assorted       JN1020945     $5.99    Th ese syrup fi lled wax bottles are an
                                          Red            JN1020946     $5.99    old past time favorite. Bite the top off
        Sugar Free Mini Chick O Sticks                                          and enjoy the sweet fl avored candy
        1 pound bag.                                                            syrup, some people even enjoy chewing
        JN1081147     $6.99                                                     the bottle! 1 pound bag.
                                                                                JN1020936      $5.99


                                           Mini Peanut Butter Bars
                                           Peanut Butter Bars are packed with
       McCraw’s Old Fashion Flat Taffy     peanut buttery goodness and that crunch
       McCraw’s old fashioned style fl at   you crave again and again. Handmade
                                           in small batches, and are made with the
       taff y has all the taste and texture you   same recipe since the Great Depression.
       remember. Assorted fl avors include:   8 ounce bag.
       Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Grape,   JN1081014  $4.49
       Vanilla, Rainbow-Orange, and Banana.
       JN1083983     6 Pieces       $6.99  Sugar Free Mini Peanut Butter Bars
       JN1048108     24 pieces      $24.99
                                          1 pound bag.
                                          JN1081017      $6.99

                                                                                 Bit O’ Honey Taffy Candy
                                                                                 A bit-sized chew with almond bits blended
                           Classic Mary Jane Candy                               into a honey fl avored taff y.  Certifi ed Gluten
                           Th  e original recipe. Made with molasses and         Free. 4.2 ounce bag
                           real peanut butter for true fl avor. 6 ounce.          JN1083987     Original                      $2.49
                           JN1083988     $3.49                                   JN1083986     Chocolate Covered $2.49  5
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