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Candy                     Chewy & Sweet Sampler Pack         Chocolate Sampler Pack

        Nostalgic Favorites Sampler Pack      A bite of sweet nostalgia. 10 classic   A bite of sweet nostalgia. 8 classic chocolate
                                              candy bars:
        A tasty selection of our best sellers: Abba   Abba Zabba, Vanilla Charleston Chew,   candy bars:
        Zabba, Charleston Chew, Cup O Gold, Idaho   Neapolitan, S’mores Rocky Road, Sugar   Black Cow, Cup O Gold, Idaho Spud, Look!
        Spud, Mountain Bar, Pearson’s Nut Goodie,   Babies, Cherry Mountain Bar, Dark   Bar, Milk Chocolate Rocky Road, Vanilla
        Rocky Road, and Zero Bars.            Chocolate Big Cherry,  and Coconut   Mountain Bar, Chocolate Necco Wafers, and
        JN1083877     $9.99                   Long Boys.                         a Chocolate Moon Pie.
                                              JN1083875     $9.99                JN1083874     $9.99

        Nut Sampler Pack                     Licorice Lover’s Sampler Pack
        A bite of sweet nostalgia. 8 classic nut   A tasty assortment of our best selling
        fi lled candy bars: Big Hunk, Chick O Stick,   licorice from around the world. Darrell
        GooGoo Cluster, Peanut Butter Mountain   Lea Liquorice Allsorts, Gustaf’s Tid
        Bar, Pearson’s Nut Goodie, Oh Henry!,   Bitz, Licorice Ice, Licorice Bears, and
        U-NO, Zagnut, Zero.                  Kookaburra  Liquorice Shooters.
        JN1083876     $9.99                  JN1083878      $14.49

        Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle            LIMITED SUPPLY!
                                                Nostalgic chewing gums
        Made with top quality Virginia Peanuts, this
        old fashioned recipe is packed full of fl avor.   5 sticks per pack. 99¢ each
                                                Black Jack
        Simple ingredients of corn syrup, sugar,
        peanuts, baking soda, and salt. 12 ounce.  Beeman’s   JN1023528
        JN1083980     $6.99

                                                                                   No-Bake Cookies
                                                                                   Homemade Goodness in Every bite!
             Chocolate Krak                                                        JN1084067     Chocolate
             Delicious honeycomb or seafoam candy drenched in                      JN1084068     Peanut Butter
             artisan chocolate. If you liked Violet Crumble candy bars,            JN1084069     Coconut Macaroon
             you will love this candy! 3 ounce bag $6.99 each.                     JN1084070     Cafe Mocha
       4     Original Milk Chocolate   JN1084063  Call toll free 888-665-4989
             Original Dark Chocolate
             Spicy Mexi Dark Chocolate  JN1084064
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