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 About Jack's Country StoreAbout Jack's Country Store

         In 1885, Mr. J.A. Morehead founded a store to serve the early Pacifi c Coast settlements of Oysterville,
         Nahcotta, and Ocean Park in Washington Territory.  In 130 years of operation, fi ve diff erent owners have each
         made their marks in the history of the store.  Individual contributions became a collective perpetuation of
         what is now the oldest continuing retail business in the state of Washington.

         Th  e name of the store has changed several times between the original Morehead and Company and the
         present Jack’s Country Store, but the philosophy remains intact.
         Mr. Morehead stated his business philosophy in an 1899 advertisement:

         “The fi rm of Morehead & Co. was established in 1885 and by a close study of the needs of the locality in which we
         have been located since then, and catering to these wants, we built up our present business.  It has been our
         constant aim to deal in only the best goods and to sell them at such prices as—coupled with square dealing—
         would not only hold our old customers, but gain us new ones.”

         We are proud supporters of American Made & Earth Friendly products. We have labeled products throughout
         the catalog that are USA made, Certifi ed Organic, or made of recycled materials. We are also committed to a
         store-wide recycle, reuse, & re-purpose program. We recycled over 100,000 pounds of cardboard alone last
         year. Our reuse program is apparent in the orders you will receive: over 97% of our boxes and packaging are
         Our catalog is a mere sampler of the enormous variety of goods we off er.  We invite you to come see for
         yourself that our inventory is impressive by any standard.  At last count, we had 230,000 items.
         Driving directions to our store are available on our website. We look forward to having you visit.

         If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are looking for a product not found in our catalog, please feel
         free to let us know.

         We thank you for your continued business.
         Jack’s Country Store

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