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Rome Double Pie Iron, Cast Iron #1605

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Rome Double Pie Iron, Cast Iron #1605
Rome Double Pie Iron, Cast Iron #1605Rome Double Pie Iron, Cast Iron #1605
Price: $32.99
3 in stock
Item Number: JN1012748
Manufacturer: Rome Industries
Manufacturer Part No: 1605
Rome Double Pie Iron, Cast Iron #1605

The big daddy of pie irons. Rome's double sized cast iron allows you to maximize the cooking versatility. Two grilled sandwiches at a time are a breeze. Also perfect for calzone, fish, pastys, chops and quick breads. Since it's cast iron you can let it cook in the coals like a dutch oven. Each side of the cooker also serves as a small skillet.
Pie Irons are known as a variety of other names, depending on your region: Pudgie Pies, Mountain Pies, Hobo Pies, Sandwich Cookers, Camp Cookers and Pie Shams. In the end, it makes no difference what you call them, as it's the final result that counts - a smile on the face and a full stomach.
Wondering if a Cast Iron or Cast Aluminum Pie Iron is the right pick for you? Pros and Cons of Cast Iron:
Pros: Heats evenly with no hot spots, Cast Iron developes a non-stick seasoned finish with use, and cast iron Pie Irons can handle the heat, and can be placed right into the coals of a campfire with no problems.
Cons:The heavy weight of cast iron makes it tiring to hold over an open campfire flame, and the cast iron can be more time consuming to clean until it developes a seasoning.

Looking for a large quantity of Rome's Cast Iron Double Pie Irons for a family gathering, camp trip, church group, or other big get together? Let us know the quantity you need and your time frame, and we will do our best to accomodate your request.

Dinner's over, dusk has passed, the moon has started its arc in silence.The family sits around the campfire. Stories are told. You've found the perfect log to sit on. Now the job is to find that balance between being chilled by the nighttime air & too hot from the fire. "It must be midnight", you think excitedly, but it's probably only 8:30. Someone brings up the subject of dessert. What else needs to be said? Mom & dad pull out the Pie Irons and the ritual begins.This memory could be from the mid-60s or last weekend. It's a tradition shared by generations of campers that we're pleased to uphold today with the full line of geniune Rome brand Pie Iron sandwich cookers which have been proudly produced since 1964. As always, Rome cookware comes with a 5 year warranty on all cast iron campfire cookware.

About Rome Industries: Rome Industries has been in the campfire cookware and lawn and garden business for over 50 years. The Original Pie Iron Sandwich Cooker was designed by Rome Industries. Quality products and innovation designs have built loyal customers to the Rome Industries brand.

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