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Aladdin Lamps Cranberry Genie III Lamp #C6110 or #10007683 DISCONTINUED BY MFG

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Price: $119.95
Manufacturer: Aladdin Kerosene Mantle Lamps
Manufacturer Part No: C6110
Can not be Shipped Express or Overnight.

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Burner Style:
Aladdin Lamps Cranberry Genie III Lamp #C6110 or #10007683

This lamp is available with Kerosene or Electric Burner.
Please use the pull down menu to make your selection.

The Genie III Lamp is the most versatile lamp offered by Aladdin Kerosene Mantle Lamp Company. This lamp can be used as a table or shelf lamp, and also fits into the Aladdin wall brackets and tilt-frame hanging lamp frame.
The size of the Genie 3 lamp makes it easy to move from room to room in any power-outage situation.

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21" overall height, 7" base diameter, 1 quart kerosene capacity.
"Flashed" Cranberry Glass color/finish.

About Model 23 Aladdin Kerosene Mantle Lamps:

Comes with Aladdin MaxBrite 500 burner: Simply put, the new MaxBrite 500 Kerosene Mantle Lamp burner from Aladdin Lamps is the most efficient and brightest burner created by Aladdin. Using the knowledge gained over the last 100 years of producing bright, white light from the unique mantle and round wick burners, paired with precise tooling and engineering available today, Aladdin Kerosene Mantle Lamp Company has created the MaxBrite 500.
Aladdin Lamps produces 60 watts of bright, white light without smoke or odor. The unique round wick and mantle combination of the burner provides you with a steady, bright white light making it an ideal choice for power outages or off the grid living. The Aladdin Lamp uses K-1 kerosene, which is economical and easy to find. A quart of kerosene will provide you with approximately 12 hours of light. The Maxbrite 500 burner also produces around 2,000 BTUs per hour, providing heat as well.

Choosing Electric or Kerosene for your Aladdin Lamp
We offer all of our Aladdin Lamps with the option of electric or kerosene.
The kerosene burner produces a wonderful, safe, bright white light for non-electric situations such as power outages. The Aladdin Lamps have been in use since 1908.
Electric Burners (also referred to as converters) use the same burner body as the kerosene burners to acheive the same look as kerosene. The design of the electric burner keeps all of the wiring within the burner and a turn-knob replaces the wick raiser. The gallery also has the same look, but is not interchangeable with the kerosene gallery. The Aladdin Chimney also fits the electric burner. The electric burner is designed so you can keep your lamp font (base) full of kerosene if you choose, and have it ready for power outages, while using your lamp on a daily basis as an electric lamp.

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